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One option for toy strage is finding creative ways to hang them. This can include chains or suction cups, or anything that you can use to hang from the ceiling, doors, or walls. Try to avoid using cords if at all possible, since this can be an unsafe option for your child.

If you decide to use chains, it could be as simple as chain link that you would use to hang flower pots. You should be able to attach clips or string that would tie different stuffed animals or small pieces to dangle from it. This makes it difficult for your child to reach these items, but it would allow a lot of storage in a small area.

Another option for hanging toys is in a wall hammock. Many manufacturers make these specifically for stuffed animals that hang in a corner of a room. While it may not always be the neatest organization, your child can clean up by tossing them into the hammock.

A third option is to use a shoe bag, since it has many pockets, and can serve a dual purpose. There are usually many pockets, and most children don't have enough shoes to fill the entire thing, so the bottom is especially nice for storing many toys.

A final option is to hang some pegs on the wall, where clothes, coats, and even toys can be hung. If you find buckets that have lids, you can put several toys in the bucket, and hang the bucket on the peg. This could help to keep a toy with many pieces all in one area, so that none of the pieces are lost.