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Does your child have too many toys, but you're afraid of getting rid of all of them? Is there a chance that they may be used for future children (either yours or others)? If so, you probably would like to store them, but they take up way too much room in your home.

The best solution for this would probably be a long-term storage facility. This would allow you to store all that you want in an individual space for as long as you want. These are usually priced per storage space rented, per month. Some require long-term contracts, but most also allow you to come and go as you need to take something out.

For storing items here, you can use several kinds of storage bins. Probably the most common are cardboard boxes. They are usually inexpensive, and allow you to easily label what's inside. If the facility you choose is not climate-controlled, though, you might want something different. For these cases, you would most likely want plastic storage bins, either colored or clear, to store your things.

For this type of storage, you always want to make sure that you are paying for the type of space that you want. Make sure that you have toured the facility, and feel comfortable with the decisions you are making, so that it does not become harder for you later on.