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When packing up your child's toys, there are a few options. There are long-term storage facilities (which is mentioned on another page), packing them up temporarily, or getting rid of them entirely. If you feel that your child just has too many toys, it is recommended that you try to give them to other people you know who might need them, or by donating them to charities. You can do this with your child by asking what they would like some other little girl or boy to be able to enjoy, to let them know that you respect their decisions. If this does not work, however, you can always do it on your own, while your child is gone, separating out what you have noticed they no longer seem interested in. When you do feel that there are too many toys, it might also be a good idea to mention to family members that non-toy gifts would be better.
If your child has a lot of toys, but you feel that there are not too many, or if they are toys your child would play with when they are older, there is always the option of packing them away temporarily. This could mean storing in hall closets, in your garage, in an attic, or any other location in your home where you store items. Many retail stores carry clear plastic containers that make for easier visibility. If you can not see all of the contents, label the outside with what is in the container, in case you need something.

Any items that are not played with a lot, but are used on occassion could also be packed up. Milk crates make great stacking containers that still allow your child and you to see what is inside. Cardboard boxes could also be used, but make it much harder to see all that is inside. For smaller items (puzzles, legos, etc.) can be put together in bags that zip closed, and then stored together in on storage bin.

For exterior purposes, you want to make sure that all these toys are also being taken care of. This could include any balls or frisbees, or medium sized toys that would tend to blow away, or just disappear. By having a central storage area for all these items, you will cut down on additional expenses of replacing lost favorites. A large wire basket or oversized garbage can serve great for keeping them all together. Any large container with a lid would work great!

Finally, if your child is "on the go", and tends to play in many different areas, it might be easier to pack it differently. You might want to consider buying a storage cart that moves easily on wheels. This allows you to clean up in each area, without wearing yourself out. You could also invest in a medium to large basket that will allow you to throw all used toys in to transport them to the area where they are stored.