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Do you ever wonder why you do what you do with all of your "stuff"? Are you passing these same characteristics on to you children and their toy storage? Some people have created clutter personalities that help to describe these things, and what to do to try and fix them. One of these people is Cynthia Townley Ewer, who works at the University of Illinois Extension. She has created personalities and published them at Below are a brief synopsis of each one.

The Hoarder
This personality type fears letting go of their possessions because of their future. They do not want to get rid of anything because they fear that they will need all of it at some point in the future.
In order to improve, these people need to break down and get rid of the junk. You could ask a friend, family member, or someone you trust to be honest help you go through things, and get rid of what you don't need. If you can't bring yourself to throw it away, then have a garage sale, and if it doesn't sell, donate it.

The Deferrer
This personality type will set things that need to be done aside until another day, for any reason. This can often mean sinks left in the sink, laundry left in the machines, etc. To work on this, they must make themselves decide to not put things off anymore. As soon as you think of something, get it done right away, instead of finding something else to do.

The Rebel
This personality type refuses to put things away out of stubbornness, simply because they were made to do it when they were younger. Often they are bitter towards the authority figure that "made" them do what they didn't want to. This person needs to realize that they now put it away because they want to, not because any one is requiring them to do so.

The Perfectionist
This personality type puts off organization until they can give it 100%. They usually realize that something needs done, but they have so many things they want to do to it. Most often they put off starting it until they have time to do all that they feel needs to be done. These people need to take the time to realize that even the smallest bit helps. Often, just doing a minor part makes it a little better until you can get back to finish it. If they can learn to break projects down, then they will become much more organized, and have a little more free time.

The Sentimentalist
This personality type hates to get rid of anything because of its history. They often become attached to different items they have because each item has a story that they want to remember. Usually they feel so overwhelmed by how important it is, that they can't bear to part with it. This type of personality needs to be able to apply a "scale of importance". There needs to be limits to what they can keep, such as the best piece of artwork their child did. Scrapbooking is also a good way to keep their collections organized, but still the collection must be narrowed down.