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Another option for toy storage is installing a shelving system that is functional for your child. There are many styles and materials for you to choose from. You have the option of wood, metal, wire, or plastic.
Shelves usually make it a little easier for the child to access their toys by themselves, and prevents them from pulling out many others to reach the one they really want. With any of these choices, though, you will need to make sure they are sturdy and safe enough if your child decides the shelves will be their playground.

Some manufacturers make a type of shelf that fits over the back of a door, similar to a shoe bag. These usually have several shelves, but can make it difficult for your child to reach, as well as make it difficult for the door to open, if it opens into a wall.

Any type of book shelf or storage shelf unit would also work. You can create creative labels to put on the shelves, or bins on the shelves, to help you child know where to put things away. There are even floor units with plastice bins that allow you to create a shelving system that is at your child's height.

Another way to utilize shelving is in a closet, or a niched space on the wall. You could use wire shelves or wooden shelves that can be installed. Most of these can be created custom, so that you decide how it should look, and what size spaces would be best for you.