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One major problem with storing toys comes with small items, when your children get a little older. There are always puzzle pieces that go missing, or legos, some crayons, and various other pieces. How can you prevent this from happening, so that you don't have to throw so much away?

Probably the oldest method for this is storing all of the small pieces in one zipped baggie. You can do this with game pieces, especially if they continually fall out of the box. It's also good for puzzles, especially when the box is lost of demolished (no matter how many times you've tried to repair it). Be sure to also put the finished picture of the puzzle in with the pieces, to avoid later frustrations.

Another time-honored way of storing these small pieces together are in small, sealed containers. Many manufacturers make these for food storage, but they can also work well for small toys. One other good thing about these are that they are usually clear, and unlike baggies, usually have a firmer shape to protect the items inside.

Another option for storing small pieces has a shorter life span. Some manufacturers make what they call "game savers". These are often small plastic containers with smaller compartments for putting small pieces in. This type of storage piece would also be great for taking toys on the go that would otherwise be too small.